Raising Resilient Children

Parenting workshop for raising resilient children

Parenting Tools To Support Your Child In This Modern World

When something is very resilient, it is able to bounce back from challenges and setbacks quickly and easily. Unfortunately, we are hearing more and more parents and teachers voicing their concerns for their children because they don’t feel they have the skills to be resilient.

But just imagine if you knew strategies to help build resilience so you can help your child feel more:

  • brave
  • curious
  • adaptable, and
  • capable

And, in the process, you start to see your child managing their emotions better, maintain their self-control and become more confident too.

Well, during the Raising Resilient Children workshop, Brad Everton (Registered Psychologist and International Author) shares the mental tools, tips and strategies you and your children need to withstand conflict, find solutions and increase mental toughness so you can bounce back from the difficulties you will face over the years.

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