How Being Prepared Can Help You Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Today’s article is an important lesson about being prepared, how to prepare, and how good planning can help you overcome fear and anxiety.



be prepared to overcome fear and anxiety starting today

I had a client recently suggest that being prepared is one of the big lessons he feels we, as a society, need to learn from the pandemic. He also noted that when it comes to life planning, we tend to focus on the right now, rather than the future and how as a result of that, we inevitably don’t put a life plan together for the future.


When You Are Not Prepared


At all levels, when we’re not prepared, we’re often caught off guard. Also, panic tends to take over, doubt kicks in, and we’re filled with fear and uncertainty. It’s important that we learn how to be prepared for the unexpected.


This also ties into the concept of being prepared – the 6 Ps of Planning – and it’s a concept I’ve been sharing with people for some time. One of the planning quotes I love to share is:


Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance


When it comes to being prepared and goal setting, we need to look at all areas of our life – both personal and professional. And the goal is to be prepared and have a prior plan.


Use Questions to Be Prepared and Build a Life Plan

One of the ways we can be prepared is to ask ourselves ‘what if’ questions:


What if this were to happen?

What if that were to happen?

How can I overcome that?

What are the tools, tips and strategies that I need to prevent failure/ensure success?


This ties into the concept, prevention is better than a cure.  And there are many layers to that.


Other questions to ask yourself when it comes to being prepared and when the unexpected happens are:


Do I have a Plan A?

Do I have a Plan B?


Life Planning to Prepare for Murphy’s Law

I often share with people:


It’s not IF life throws obstacles and hurdles at us, it’s WHEN.


And this is where the concept of being prepared is so important. It also ties into the concept of Murphy’s Law. Good old Murphy’s Law. In a nutshell, means that things WILL BE thrown at us regardless. I’m sure you’ve experienced it too; we put things in place, get started, and then Murphy’s Law kicks in. And so, being prepared and proper planning helps us to overcome that.

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Be Prepared to Take Action

So my challenge to you when it comes to being prepared is to start with the small areas of your life before tackling the bigger areas (such as career, relationships, and health).


On a day-to-day basis, what are some of the things you can do to practice this concept of being prepared and planning your life?

A Psychological Strategy To Help You Start Planning for a Happier Life

An example of this could be planning your day the night before. Planning your day the night before allows you to go into the new day being somewhat prepared, having already thought things through. On a practical level, it might even be ironing your clothes the night before.


A Practical Example of Being Prepared:


If we want to go to the gym first thing in the morning, we have our gym clothes all set out. If we’ve got a meeting the next day, it could be looking over and working on the agenda for the meeting, allowing us to go into the meeting somewhat prepared. This also means we’re more relaxed, and we’ve anticipated some of the things that may or may not go wrong, allowing us to have a plan in place.


Passing on Life Skills to the Next Generation

It’s also important to teach this concept of being prepared to our children. Because it’s an important lesson on many different levels. Examples could include preparing for school the following day by:

  • getting homework done early,
  • emptying/cleaning their lunch box,
  • packing their school bag, and
  • having school clothes ready

Being prepared in this way will also help them manage not only the practical things for the day, but also reduce stress and worry.

The key points to overcoming fear and anxiety with preparation are:


Prevention is better than a cure


And the tongue twister or quote about planning for the future:


Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance


I hope you take this lesson and put it into place. But before you practise it in the bigger areas of your life, practise it in those small areas. Find ways to practise it on a daily basis and you will find that it will compound over time.  And as you become more prepared on a daily basis, it will become habitual behaviour and will carry over for the remainder of your life.


May you have an on track day!