Do you provide marriage counselling / couple’s therapy?

Yes. Brad enjoys helping couples communicate better and more easily. He strives to ensure both parties are on the same page before they leave each session. And whether the focus is building your best relationship together or parting peacefully, Brad does his best to facilitate the process as smoothly as possible.

Do you provide family therapy?

Yes. As a matter of fact, one of the areas we are most passionate about at Synergy Mind Solutions is parenting and helping families develop strong and healthy relationships. Brad even published a book called: On Track Parenting – The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child. The reason we called it this is because it has the tools, tips and strategies you need to stay mentally strong, calm and peaceful while navigating the most challenging role any person can face in life.

Can I use my Private Health Fund to get a rebate?

Yes. If your Private Health Fund cover included psychology services, then we are able to process your rebate on the day of service. We suggest that you contact your health fund to find out your entitlements.

The funds we can process include:

  • AAMI
  • ACA Health
  • ADF Family Health
  • Apia
  • Australian Unity
  • Bupa
  • CBHS Health
  • CUA Health
  • Defence Health
  • Emergency Services Health
  • Frank Health Insurance
  • Health Partners
  • Latrobe Health Services
  • Medibank Private
  • Medicare
  • Navy Health
  • Peoplecare
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • Police Health
  • Qantas Assure
  • Queensland Country Health Fund
  • Suncorp
  • TUH
  • Teachers Health
  • Territory Health Fund
  • Uni Health Insurances
  • Union Health
  • Westfund
  • ahm by Medibank
  • hbf
  • health.com.au
  • hif
  • nib
  • onemedifund
  • rt health fund

Do you bulk bill?

Although we don’t generally bulk bill, we ask that you consider the reasons why below:

  • Brad Everton has extensive experience from completing his Bachelor (with Honours) of Psychology, Masters of Psychology, and then working in the field for 20 years including sport psychology, career counselling, workplace counselling, WorkCover and Comcare counselling, relationship therapy, onsite trauma support, manager assistance, and all aspects of general life assistance
  • Brad continues to work on and develop his skills every day so he can always provide you with the best tools, tips and strategies,
  • Brad already charges a reduced fee (the current Australian Psychological Association recommended rate is $260 for a standard 50 minute session)
  • Brad genuinely wants to help you get better results and make REAL change in your life towards what you really want

Can I get a Medicare Rebate?

Yes, we have the facilities onsite to process your Medicare rebate ($87.40) on the day of the appointment. The rebate will generally be processed back into your account within 24 to 48 hours.

Do I need a referral to see a psychologist?

This is a frequent and important question. No, you don’t actually need a referral to see a psychologist. However, many people are referred by their GP, their psychiatrist, by friends recognising a valuable service that could be useful to somebody else, or their marriage celebrants (referring on for pre-marital counselling). Many organisations also provide access to counselling for their employees through their Employee Assistance Program counselling.

If you feel that you need support and want to achieve better results, a life coach can be a great idea. But a particular benefit of seeing a solution-focused psychologist is the amount of study and experience they have, particularly from a psychologist who has extensive experience from working in the field for a long time.

Although you don’t need a referral to see a psychologist, the benefit of having a referral from your GP under a mental health care plan is that you can access the Medicare rebate. This means you’re able to get a portion of the fee back that you pay for the psychology sessions, so you’re accessing the services at a reduced rate. And for many people, their rebate increases to 80% once they hit their Medicare Safety Net!

Do you offer phone counselling and online counselling?

With technology today and the current COVID-19 climate, phone, online, and video counselling are becoming more popular.

As a psychologist, on any given day I can be chatting to people all around the country, from all different walks of life, across all different industries.

Nowadays there are so many different options that are available – it’s not just face-to-face counselling. Of course, some people prefer face-to-face counselling, but many who may not have considered phone or online counselling that decide to give it a go are finding it extremely beneficial and convenient (especially when conducted by a therapist skilled in building rapport virtually. The benefit to the client is you can be in an environment that suits you – whether that be at home or sitting in a private place, anywhere around the world.

When chatting to clients, we can almost duplicate the face-to-face counselling sessions using Zoom or Skype calls. For example, we have clients who have gone overseas and wanted to continue on with their sessions and this provides a seamless transition.

The best news is, Medicare now recognises virtual forms of psychology, so we can still process your rebate if you have a current GP Mental Health Care Plan.