Marriage Counselling and Relationship Therapy

If you are looking for marriage counselling, family counselling, relationship therapy or life coaching on the Sunshine Coast, then Brad Everton is your local psychologist who can help you get on the same page with your relationships.

When Brad talk’s about relationships, he doesn’t just mean the relationship between partners.

As he explains, there are 3 types of relationships…

  1. Personal relationships
  2. Professional relationships and
  3. The relationship with one’s self

Personal Relationships

marriage counselling relationship strategies to have a healthy relationship

Personal relationships include the relationships you have with your partners, children, parents and friends.

The fact is… there will be challenges in every relationship.

And there can be many reasons why.

Some reasons include different backgrounds, values and beliefs… or children being disrespectful. It might also look like one partner looking outside the relationship for what they think is missing. Or perhaps someone in the family has an addiction and this is causing stress on the whole family.

Whatever the situation is, it is completely normal to have differences. What’s important is to have the strategies (or an expert guiding you through the process) to communicate effectively through those challenging times.

That’s where relationship counselling (such as couple’s and family counselling) is an effective way to deal with the little (and big) issues that come up when two or more people come together.

Professional Relationships

We spend around a third of our life at work and interacting with people in a professional capacity. And what we have seen over the years of supporting people through the Employee Assistance Programs is that there are some definite issues that come from working in close contact with other individuals in the workplace. Some of the most common that we see include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Dealing with difficult work colleagues
  • Managing inappropriate workplace relationships
  • Coping with the grief and loss when a colleague passes away

The big problem with these issues is that for most of us, our work is strongly linked to our livelihood. This means it usually has a major impact on all the other areas of our lives as well.

So what we like to do is provide you with tools, tips and strategies to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries and manage your work-life balance so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

The Relationship With Yourself

We believe the relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of them all.

Here’s why…

If you have a strong and healthy sense of what is important, right and true for you, then you will be able to more easily communicate them to the people around you and make the right decisions when the need arrives.

That’s why we believe gaining the right psychological strategies is so valuable for your personal growth. It’s very easy to get caught up in life and allow what’s going on around you to throw you “off track”. This usually causes stress, worry, anxiety, anger, disappointment, grief, etc. And that’s when the right type of gentle guidance is not just advisable, but absolutely logical.

Seeking help and support to help you through your tough challenges should be the first thing our parents teach us. It should be the first thing we hear from our teachers. And we should be reminded over and over again that it is okay to reach out for expert support when you need it. Because you shouldn’t have to fumble through life trying to work out what to do next when there are experts out there that can provide you with strategies to give you the relief you need.

To access support for any of your relationships (or to take them to the next level), contact us today at 0458 360 666.