How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

set goals and smash them with this simple trick

Today, what I want to share with you a very exiting concept.  The great thing around this concept is it’s simple… and something everyone (and anyone) can do.  This concept can help you stay on track when you loose your motivation and keep you focused on your goal when you need it.  The concept is:

Celebrate the Progress

I often explain progress to people by saying it is what we are aiming to do in all areas of our lives – our careers, relationships, health and finances.

“Because the name of the game is progress.”

The thing is…

As long as we are making progress in our lives (regardless of how big it is) it always means we are on track.

I share the full concept in On Track Parenting and it has 4 steps. But today, I’m going to keep it short and sweet and just share the second step with you (which will get you started in the right direction).

Celebrate the progress is the second of the four steps.

To put it into simple terms let me share an example from when I was studying my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

My initial goal was to wait until I had completed the degree before I celebrated. And this just did not make sense to me because it always felt like I was just working and working with nothing to show for it.


Life is about enjoying the journey.

That’s why I decided it was important to look for ways to celebrate the progress along the way.

So, I decided to celebrate every time I completed an exam or handed in an assignment… because that meant I was on track and making progress.

You see…

It’s important to remember:

“Some progress is better than no progress.”

Exercise is another great way to illustrate the point.

Let’s say you are doing an exercise program and you want to get fit – but you can only walk for 15 minutes. Applying the concept of some is better than none, you can take the approach that 15 minutes is better than 10 minutes. And 10 minutes is better than 5 minutes.


If all you can do is 20 push ups… well 20 is better than 15, which is better than 10.  And 10 is better than none.

Some is always better than none.

Then as you continue to practise, you will get better and soon you will be doing more than you were before.

The thing to remember is…

“As long as you are making progress, you are on track.”

So, if you ever struggle with your motivation, want to smash out a long-term or challenging goal, or just want to stay focused on a project until it is complete, I invite you to take this concept and find ways to celebrate the progress (no matter how small the progress is).

Our family celebrates our weekly progress by going out to our favourite restaurant at the end of the week for dinner. This way, we are celebrating our progresses together and as a family unit.


“The name of the game is progress.”

So, as long as you are making progress (no matter how small), you are on track. Look for the progress you are making in your life (in all areas of your life) and find ways to celebrate it.

By the way…

I provide a lot more ideas and strategies in my book, “On Track Parenting” on how to implement this concept of progress. You can get a copy from Or call 0458 360 666 and one of our friendly staff will help get it out to you quickly and costly.