Emotional Regulation

for better emotional intelligence article by psychologist Brad Everton

For Better Emotional Intelligence… Stop Doing This One Thing

Today’s article centres around solution-focused therapy, emotional intelligence, and developing a problem-solving approach. You see… there is one common behaviour we need to stop doing, particularly when aiming to solve a problem. Thing is… many of us are guilty of this behaviour. Not only is it important to look out for this behaviour in other people but particularly …

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Teach Your Kids How To Manage Their Emotions

Managing emotions is something all children have to learn, but sometimes it can be confusing with all the trouble and conflicting information available in today’s fast-paced world. So, here we have given you the basics of child development stages so you can understand where your child is at now. Plus we share with you what not to do and some simple tips for what to do so you can help your child learn the emotional regulation they need to thrive into mentally strong adults.