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Brad Everton psychologist and life coach sunshine coast

Brad is first and foremost a loving husband and father. He enjoys nothing more than creating positive memories with Monique, Corey (15) and Zane (4 years old) and making sure they are cared for. Brad is also a Psychologist (20 years), International Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Relationships Expert. Brad has worked in many different industries before he realised his fascination for understanding the mind and how human nature works, which led him to completing a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours degree at James Cook University. He has also completed his Masters of Psychology degree at the University of Southern Queensland.

While completing his degrees, he gained a deeper perspective of young people with mental illness and physical disabilities by working as a Personal Carer. He also designed and facilitated programs with a colleague for teenagers to manage and control their anger. In fact, the ‘ChillOut’ program was very successful with high school students who were considering dropping out of school.

Brad has worked as a Resident Fellow mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students. He also worked as a Psychologist at the University of Southern Queensland – Student Services, where he provided psychological and career support for students and staff. He was then recruited to take on the role as Associate Director of Residential Colleges where he gained extensive experience with understanding the many issues of teenagers and young adults who left home to live on campus and explore the world of independent choices, living and lifestyles.

After four years in this role, with a new family, Brad ventured out on his own and started his private practice on the Sunshine Coast. Over the years, he has counselled people from all walks of life and is able to easily connect with people from many cultures and backgrounds. His work has also allowed him to help people in industries such as mining, medical, aviation, finance, human resources, manufacturing, retail, disability, government, education and many more.

Brad’s focus is (and always has been) empowering the people around him and making sure they are able to move forward towards a better and more fulfilling life.

To take advantage of Brad’s years of counselling and life coaching experience, contact us today on 0458 360 666.

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